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Shadows and Glasses

Parallel and Converging Shadows

We show you how to construct both…

Shadows come in two formats, Parallel and Converging Shadows. We show you how to construct both version and the motive behind each and its procedure.

YouTube has a massive amount of videos showing different ideas and versions to create shadows but each individual claims to be better than the other. We take you through each stage and explain the reasons why this gives you a better understanding and helps you create an enhanced drawing.

Below is a simple basic explainer video showing just how you could set up a Photographic or Artist studio to create amazing Converging Shadows.

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Using the Sun as your Light Source.

As you can see the above movie gives you a good idea of just what you will be capable of creating with our Art Courses. You will be given an in-depth study for all the reasons you will need to learn the Theory of Perspective Shadows, simple but very effective.

The Movie, Parallel and Converging Shadows is a very basic concept of just what we do but when you have learned the Theory, shadows will be easy to construct. Drawing outside using the Sun as your Light Source is yet another complication that is easily dealt with which will be pleasing to the Landscape Artists.

And which are the most versatile, Parallel or Converging Shadows.

I will show you which is the most useful and most versatile shadow to use, especially when creating shadows inside using Artificial Light Source or outside using the Sun’s Light Source, be ready to be enlightened.

  • Millions of designers and artists use Adobe Illustrator to create everything from web icons, product packaging to book illustrations and perspective artwork. Adobe added perspective in CS5 and is based on the same principal used in our Lessons, these Courses will put those mistakes right, distortion, to name just one.