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Course 4: Perspective Shadows And Light Source

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Become a better artist and know how to create Shadows in your artwork.

Some artist devotes years doing artwork without the knowledge of perspective and without that knowledge creating shadows can be a missive pitfall to there drawing. This course will show you how it’s done. Learn the theory of shadows and you will have the skills to last you a lifetime.

We use unpretentious video explainers to help you construct your shadows so I hope you will find the process an enjoyable and pleasurable way to learn Shadows in Perspective.

Please Note: It’s important you purchase Course One Initially.


Shadows are part of the whole picture.

Shadows follow us everywhere, even in the dark and create an amazing addition to our sense of depth and feel to our surrounding.

Shadows need light and it will always find light, always, so please keep that in mind as you work through our Lessons. Outside light is the Sun which we know is far away and it moves, landscape artist have to understand how to use the sunlight to create natural forms.

As Freehand artists you are always, well most times, working with shadows. Whether Landscape, Portrait or Still Life drawing, getting it right is important.

The commercial photographer knows this. They will sometimes flood the area with light from all different direction to get rid of the shadows because he needs to show the product without distraction caused by the shadow. The artist will always try and add the shadows.

Creating artwork outside gives you natural light and shadows and ‘inside’ gives you artificial light and shadows which is an obvious statement. But the difference can be huge and having the knowledge of shadows in perspective can help you to become a better artist.

I wish for you to know as much as you need to be able to draw shadows accurately and I can teach you the tricks to make it easy and you, a better artist.

Creating Boxes with Shadows.

Adding shadow to a box interior is found in much the same manner as the shadow outside the box. Interior shadows differ from exterior shadows as they pass over both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Spheres and Cylinders are also the big drawbacks with artists the world over and we will work together to solve the problems.

You need to understand the Tools used in this procedure and it’s just a few, Light Rays, Vanishing Lines and Plotting Lines, that’s it! How you use the tools, that is what you need to learn.

A certain amount of connecting points must be done to complete any shadow.

As the shadow solutions become more complex it is necessary to develop a more sophisticated shadow logic to complete the solution. This may mean simplifying more complex forms to something that you understand and work back, one step at a time until the final shadow is found.

Choose the media you wish to use and let’s create shadows in perspective.


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