Course 2 Perspective


Course 2 Perspective
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Why Is This Expert “Little-Man” Trainer Willing To Share His Most Treasured And Simple 13-Step “Never-Fail” Perspective Drawing System… With YOU?

“And No… I’m Not Going To Charge You My Normal £350.00 Fee! Instead, I’ve Created An Incredible Course That’s Jam-Packed With Every Last One Of My Most Closely Guarded Secrets, And I’m Going To Virtually Give It Away To You For Peanuts.”

How to Master The Art and Science of Perspective Drawing

Over the years I have come to recognize that the word ‘Technical’ creates a stumbling block for many artist wanting to learn Perspective, because of this countless artists turn away from the knowledge of Perspective.
I do not proclaim to be a master of Perspective but a great master taught me many years ago and once you have gone through the Technical learning it will all make sense. That teaching is still within me and now I wish to install that same attitude in my online students. I hope you will work with me as we travel along the Perspective Highway to a greater understanding of this amazing yet simple skill that all artist should know, Perspective Drawing.


Welcome To Perspective Drawing Online

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: Val BarclayComplexity: Easy

Perspective Lessons

Check out our first e-courses and costs, you will love it! You will learn how to draw accurately and give your audience a sense of reality to your artwork.

When we understand the perspective tools, what precisely can we do with it? Briefly, we can represent any object or scene by lines on a flat sheet of paper in such a way that the image is similar to what you would see if you looked at the actual object or scene through our eyes, keeping them fixed on the subject.

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