Perspective Lessons

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Check out our first e-courses and costs, you will love it! You will learn how to draw accurately and give your audience a sense of reality to your artwork.

When we understand the perspective tools, what precisely can we do with it? Briefly, we can represent any object or scene by lines on a flat sheet of paper in such a way that the image is similar to what you would see if you looked at the actual object or scene through our eyes, keeping them fixed on the subject.

Perspective Lessons

Lesson 1: Guy At The Window

This is where we start having an understanding of Perspective. Image 1, which I have labelled ‘The Guy at the Window’. With this illustration, we can begin to see how it all works and you are going to be part of the process and start to produce Perspective Drawings.

You are going to place yourself approximately two feet from a window where you can clearly see the outside world, does not matter if you have window panes, your window will be your Picture Plane, as per the illustration below, The Guy at the Window – image 1, except you are two feet away and a distance that is just convenient and comfortable to work.

Perspective Lessons

Lesson 2: Perspective Drawing

For the less technical students I have made this a step-by-step, easy to follow procedure that I hope you can understand. This is where it starts to get technical but I am sure it will make sense as you progress. The “Theory” to produce accurate drawings of just what you ‘see’ to your audience, is the aim of our Courses.

The theory gets technical but must be learned and understood for you to truly create and understand Perspective Drawing.

Perspective Lessons

Lesson 3: Rules of Vanishing Points

Here we will start to create perspective drawings starting with the most basic structure using Vanishing Points.

I hope you had no problem answering the questions from Lesson 2, and if you get the opportunity please read it all again until you understand just what has been drawn.

Perspective Lessons

Lesson 4: Measurements

You have created image 7 it will be your first real Perspective Drawing from our Course. Please remember how it was done, you will be constructing your own perspective drawings later.

The Quiz will always be based on the content of the Course so it’s very important that you read carefully and understand the Course. Please complete the Quiz and I will see you in Course 2: Creating Rectangle Perspective Box.

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