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Why Are These Ellipses Wrong?

What’s Wrong With This Drawing?

I took this drawing from a website showing you how to draw perspective. I was shocked to see just what is shown on the internet so I had to ask for your help to see if you can spot the problem. I know the problem, I saw it straight away, most people never see these problems unless they know perspective drawing. Go to any Art Gallery and look at amazing artwork, some selling at huge prices yet are drawn incorrectly, but do you know what and where it’s wrong?

Tell me what’s wrong and I will let you know if you are right.

Click artwork above to enlarge.

What’s wrong, let us know!


  • Millions of designers and artists use Adobe Illustrator to create everything from web icons, product packaging to book illustrations and perspective artwork. Adobe added perspective in CS5 and is based on the same principal used in our Lessons, these Courses will put those mistakes right, distortion, to name just one.